Testimonials from Customers

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Here are some stories from our customers.

"I had 2 arthroscopic surgeries on my left knee. I damaged my knee skiing while making turn. Developed a plan to not go through a knee replacement despite having a bald. Originally fit with a Townsend off-loader brace that was bulky, heavy and uncomfortable. I need to wear this all the time and it just wasn’t doing the job. With the Townsend brace I had a hard time finding pants to fit over it. I had to send the Townsend in many times for repairs. There were days when my leg would swell up so much that I could not fit into the Townsend brace. I was visiting my sister in Napa and she accidentally ran over the Townsend with the car. The doctor said that since you don’t love that brace and I know you have to wear this every day, I know DonJoy has come out with some new braces that I think might work well. The DonJoy brace is lightweight and adjustable and if I gain or lose weight the brace can be adjusted to fit me. With the DonJoy brace I can get dressed up now! I am disabled and if it wasn’t for this brace, I wouldn’t be able to function. I love this brace and if it wasn’t for this brace I would be having a knee replacement. "

"I was in the office yesterday, so got the brace fitted that had arrived earlier in the week. It actually works. (No surprise to you I am certain). From the first step with the brace, there was no medial pain in the knee. I know that the first time you often can only use it only for a couple hours, but I had it on from about 4:00 to 9:30 last night. My wife and I went out to dinner, and did a fair amount of walking. No pain. Have had it on all morning today, to some errands etc. It is comfortably, and the medial side of the knee is not painful. Still have some residual apprehension, but that is also leaving...Unloading that medial side is a real help. Limp is essentially gone. I am a fan!!!"

Here are some stories submitted by a DonJoy Sales Representative.

"Yesterday, I visited a 50 year old patient with medial compartment Osteoarthritis…. he could hard walk due to his arthritis and was unable to work his normal construction job….he was a (b) level racquetball player and love to participate in activities with his son on an everyday basis, but now was debilitated due to his knee pain. He also wanted to avoid a new replacement.

He couldn't believe how easy it was to fit and snap in the buckles, then he stood up and couldn't believe the instant relief. He was able to stand and walk pain free, even climbed a flight of stairs and felt no pain. He called his wife down and she couldn't believe it so much so, she had tears in her eyes. He is so excited to follow-up with his Doctor and tell him about his new OA everyday brace and to let him no that a new knee isn't necessary. He is looking forward to exercising again, going back to work, and hopefully one day back on the racquetball court with his son."

"I went to bunko the other night, and put the braces on, and my neighbor was surprised to see me walk so good, but when you play bunko you are moving after every game which does not last long, and I won 14 out of 21 games, so that means I had to move from table to table 14 times, with no pain whatsoever, the only thing I noticed was that I had shorts on and when I had left to come home that I don't think I had them on tight enough as they were slipping, so I put them on tighter and all was fine, felt so good to be with out pain, and of all people you should know this, they are great, and thank you and your associates"

"I would like to write a testimonial on how the osteoarthritis brace that I am wearing saved my knee from severe injury. On March 1, 2003 I was wearing my DonJoy brace when a fork lift full of meat pinned my left knee between my stand up pallet jack and the fork lift. The pressure was almost unbearable but due to your excellent brace the pressure only made my knee severely sore. The doctors told me that it saved my left knee from being shattered or worse. If it can with stand that kind of weight it can with stand anything that comes in its way. I would highly suggest this brace for anyone with any type of knee problem. The brace speaks for itself....I work in the medical field and give the brace the best of ratings. Thanks again for making such a superior brace. Sincerely one satisfied customer"