Back Support Braces for Back Pain

Stay on the move with a back support brace specific to your needs. Shop our wide selection of back braces to help relieve pain and pressure on the lower back and spine and give lumbosacral support. Our back support belts can be worn daily or as needed with vigorous activities. If you are looking to improve your posture to prevent back pain, check out our selection of posture back supports. For abdominal strains or rib support, check out our selection of compression support to help promote healing. Shop back braces for men, women, work, sports, daily wear and more.

Not sure what type of back brace you need? Shop by your back injury or learn more about the different types of back supports.

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  1. View Details Bionic Back Support back showing side pulls
    DonJoy Performance Bionic Back Support
    Special Price $56.69 Regular Price $90.99
    On Sale 38% Off Save $34.30
    (4) Reviews
    Four robust upright stays help protect the back against strains and pulls Learn More
  2. View Details Bionic Reel-Adjust Back Brace - Back
    Special Price $145.34 Regular Price $179.99
    On Sale 19% Off Save $34.65
    Low-profile back support with removable rigid panels and the Boa® Fit System. Learn More
  3. View Details DonJoy Performance Waist Trimmer Wrap
    DonJoy Performance Waist Trimmer Wrap
    Special Price $18.39 Regular Price $24.99
    On Sale 26% Off Save $6.60
    Easy-to-apply waist wrap delivering low-back relief, compression and heat retention. Learn More
  4. View Details DonJoy Performance Elastic Back Wrap - L/XL
    Special Price $40.99 Regular Price $52.99
    On Sale 23% Off Save $12.00
    Compression back wrap with pull straps and flexible stays for low-back support. Learn More
  5. View Details DonJoy Advantage Abdominal Support
    DonJoy Advantage Abdominal Support
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (2) Reviews
    Elastic abdominal support for post-natal, post-surgery or weak abs Learn More
  6. View Details DonJoy Clavicle Posture Support
    Special Price $9.89 Regular Price $17.64
    On Sale 44% Off Save $7.75
    (11) Reviews
    Gently relieve hunched shoulders and improve posture. Learn More
  7. View Details DonJoy Back Brace Side Pull
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (6) Reviews
    Easy-to-use compression technology allows you to adjust to your needs Learn More
  8. View Details DonJoy SI Belt
    DonJoy SI Belt
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (9) Reviews
    The Donjoy SI Joint Belt is a comfortable low profile device designed to provide compression and help relieve pain around the sacrum region. Learn More
  9. View Details ProCare Premium Panel Elastic Binder
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (27) Reviews
    Constructed with panel elastic and soft cotton type lining for patient comfort. Learn More
  10. View Details Bell-Horn The Spine Brace
    Bell-Horn Spine Brace
    Special Price $79.99 Regular Price $129.99
    On Sale 38% Off Save $50.00
    (1) Review
    Flexible pulley system in an intermediate brace which comfortably contours and conforms to each body Learn More
  11. View Details Coldform Back Wrap Hot/Cold Compression - Back
    Special Price $64.79 Regular Price $84.99
    On Sale 24% Off Save $20.20
    Hands-free, hot and cold compression wrap to ease back pain. Learn More
  12. View Details DonJoy® Advantage EME Back Wrap
    DonJoy Advantage EME Back Wrap
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (1) Review
    Pain relief back wrap aid with ActiPatch® (pulsed shortwave therapy) technology. Learn More
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Benefits of Wearing a Back Brace

Back injuries are a common cause of job-related injuries in the United States. Activities that require repetitive motion or strain on the back, such as lifting and twisting, can cause sore muscles and back pain. Back injuries often occur during sports and other physical activities as well. Contact sports can especially stress your back. (Learn more about common back injuries.) Wearing a back brace can provide extra support to your lower back when participating in these activities and is the best way to prevent hurting your back. Back braces offer compression, which helps stabilize your back as you move around. Some individuals also wear back braces to help with posture and slouching.

Which Back Support is Right for Me?

For general, everyday use, we recommend the DonJoy ComfortFORM and the Saunders S’port All Back Support with Shorts. The ComfortForm is low-profile, provides moderate compression, and helps stabilize the back and spine to prevent spinal overload. The Saunders S’port All combines an adjustable back support with athletic compression shorts to help fully support the lower back and sacroiliac joints.

The Exos FORM II 626 back brace provides unique spinal decompressions to support L-1 to L-5 delivered through Boa® Technology. The level of support can be easily adjusted and personalized with the simple twist of the Boa® dial. Adjustable Belt Wings are fully removable and can be angled to help accommodate different waist sizes.

For the athlete, the best back brace will provide compression and protect against strains while feeling comfortable. The DonJoy Performance Bionic Back is ideal for athletes with vertical lumbar stays to help with posture to reduce pulling your back. The Bionic Back is made of stretch webbing and breathable mesh for cool comfort around the torso.

Back Pain Relief and Treatment

If you are experiencing back pain, consult your physician for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Temporary back pain relief and treatment can come from rest, ice or hot therapy, and pain relieving sprays which will help cool and warm the area.