drills for volleyball players

On the court is when you have to bring your “A” game. Off the court is when you put in hard work and determination to be a successful volleyball player.

Explosive, dynamic drills help volleyball players off the court to gain strength, quickness and coordination, which are needed to avoid injury and perform your best on game day.

To gain balance, strength and core power, add these three drills into your routine.


Jumping Jacks (4 sets, 30 seconds each)

Drill One: Lunge Hop and Bosu Ball Pass

3 sets

Lunge Hop: Begin standing tall. Bring your right leg back and bend both your left and right knee. Keep your left arm back, right arm forward. After you lunge, drive your right leg forward and up toward your chest exploding off of your left leg. Use your left arm to drive your weight forward and up in the air. Continue this on the right side for 15 reps, and then switch to your other leg (15x).

Bosu Ball Pass: On a Bosu Ball, sit slightly lower from the center. With a medicine ball (10 pounds), lie back. Your back should be supported by Bosu ball. Extend your arms out, biceps next to your ears, holding the medicine ball. Engage your core and sit up, throwing the medicine ball at your partner. Stay in the seated position, your partner will throw the ball back to you, and lie back down. Continue this movement with a quick pace for 30 reps.

Drill Two: Speed Skaters and Wall Throws

3 sets

Speed Skaters: Like a crossover lunge, but going backwards. As fast as you can go, move side-to-side, bringing one leg behind the other and alternating to the other side for one minute.

Wall Throws: Grab a medicine ball. Stand a few feet away from a wall. Bring the ball to your chest and then throw it straight forward to a wall. Let the ball drop and roll toward you, then pick it up and throw it again. Continue this for one minute.

Drill Three: Single-Leg Box Hop and Plank

3 sets

Single-Leg Box Squat: With a small step or box, hop onto the box or step with one leg. Step down and repeat. Do 15 and then switch sides for 15 more.

Forearm Plank: Get into a push-up position. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and then rest onto your forearms. Hold for one minute.

Always speak with a coach or your doctor before engaging in any new program.