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Defender Skin Protective Tape

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Comfortable, breathable, and customizable padded athletic tape that acts like a second skin to protect from abrasion and injury
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Defender Skin is a protective padded athletic tape. The light, flexible and extremely versatile second skin helps protect athletes against scrapes, cuts, bruising, and other abrasive injuries commonly associated with impact during sports. Defender Skin is a breathable adhesive that also absorbs impact and distributes it throughout tiny pieces of padded foam which acts as padding. This padded athletic tape is popular among football, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, hockey, and rugby players. Fitness enthusiasts use the protective tape to shield their knees and elbows through yoga, bootcamp workouts, tabata exercises and more. Defender skin can also be used for outdoor sports, action sports, endurance races, or any type of activity where you need skin protection. You can see some of your favorite NFL and college football players sporting Defender Skin for protection in place of traditional padding.

Features & Benefits

  • Total Impact Protection- Tiny protective foam pads on the athletic tape help absorb and cushion the impact you may experience in rigorous sports and disperses energy horizontally to reduce impact on the body.
  • Abrasion Defense- Provides a thin second layer of protection for your skin against dirt, rocks, grass, turf, and more including chafing and blisters. Defender Skin can also be used to help protect healing wounds, cuts, and scrapes as you continue your activities.
  • Comfort- Move freely and without restriction. The protective tape stays on and is breathable allowing oxygen to pass through.
  • Customizable- Cut to desired size and shape with scissors
  • Easy Application- After you cut the padded tape to your desired size, peel off the backing, and apply to any area of the body. Clean your skin with alcohol and/or shave the area to allow for maximum adhesion. Apply 45 minutes prior to activity for best results.
  • Durable- Adhesive stretches 4 ways and is sweat and water resistant, staying in place during your activities and easily removable after
  • Innovative Design and Construction- Engineered to protect the body, Defender Skin brings on the element of versatility, lightweight, breathable, and customizable protective athletic tape to shield you while you play
  • Versatile Total Body Coverage- Protect any part of your body subject to abrasion and impact during your sport. Cover your knees, shins (or side of your legs), elbows, forearms, shoulders, and more.
  • All-Sport Usage- Team sports, endurance, outdoor sports, fitness, action sports. The sports and activities you can use Defender Skin for is limitless.
  • Color- Currently only available in Black.
  • Brand - DonJoy Performance
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