OA Reaction Web Knee

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Wear under clothing for discreet OA pain relief
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    Custom fit, lightweight titanium brace offers our top ACL protection for non-contact sports and some football positions.

Features & Benefits:

Lightweight, Low-Profile Pain Relief
Made out of lightweight silicone this brace is low-profile so you can wear it under pants, skirts, or with exercise clothing.
The Silicone Web Technology scientifically designed to help provide shock absorption and anterior knee pain relief a symptom of OA of both the knee joint and the patella.
Four-way, Adjustable Wraparound Design
Comfortable, form-fitting design creates a custom- like fit for most legs that is easy to apply
Patented, Integrated Silicone
Comfortable offloading of the knee with a nonslip cup effect; the hexagon design allows air pockets to gently support the knee
Easy to Wear
The most open and lightweight design available in OA knee bracing

Is the OA Reaction Brace Right for me?

Everyday brace for arthritis knee pain and those needing support for mild activities like jogging, golf, hiking, tennis or walking. Try our Brace Advisor for personalized product recommendations to meet your needs!

Designed to help manage pain associated with:

  • Arthritis

Best for:

  • Everyday activities
  • Golf
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Walking

A Discreet Support For Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

The OA REACTION WEB is the lowest profile knee brace on the market to treat early or mild OA. The patented silicone web technology provides a custom fit that won’t slip; it’s so comfortable, users may forget they’re wearing a brace. A new level of bracing comfort for those with early to mild OA of the knee, or early joint space narrowing. OA REACTION WEB offers discreet wearability utilizing mild offloading and proprioception to help reduce knee pain for mild to moderate activity.

DonJoy is taking OA bracing to the next level of comfort using silicone web technology. OA REACTION WEB offers the thinnest and most open framework available. OA REACTION WEB gives those with OA knee pain the relief they need in a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile brace that can even be worn under clothing before, during and after activity. Designed for those who participate in mild activity, obese patients, and active aging patients who jog, hike or play tennis or golf.

Note - The OA Reaction comes with an undersleeve that is the exact size of the brace you order, if you wish to have a different size sleeve or need a replacement, purchase a Reaction Knee Undersleeve.

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Product Questions

OA pain on outside of my left knee. Thigh 24", Knee 19 1/2", Calf 19. Medial or lateral and what size would you suggest for the Reaction Web?
Question by: Kenny on Jul 21, 2016, 6:57 AM
You would be a size XL, and select the option Medial Right/Lateral Left.
Answer by: Admin on Jul 21, 2016, 6:57 AM
I have seen multiple comments about both of your web braces having poor Velcro quality and having to replace it within a few weeks. Have you fixed this problem? Other people have stated that yiu have yo practically cut off circulation to get it tight enough not to slide. Are there braces out there that will stay put and last?
Question by: Tia on Nov 4, 2014, 2:23 PM
We have updated the velcro on the Reaction Web knee Brace, with a better velcro hook to address the problems people were having with the earier brace.
Answer by: Admin on Nov 4, 2014, 2:23 PM
DonJoy OA Reaction Web Knee the options i dont know which one would be the correct for me
outside mostly pain on right knee mild to moderate depend on activity
i have 2 problems from my knee
knee cap need to be aligned (tracks inside lower left) and have moderate ware of cartilage lower left & middle groove under knee cap of my knee
will this brace be good for me or do you recommend another one
Question by: DENNY on Feb 9, 2015, 2:02 PM
You will want the right lateral/left medial brace. The brace will have the hinge and upright on the inside of your knee and will push towards the outside to unload that compartment. This unloading will hopefully decrease some of the pain you are feeling on the outside of your kne and the webing will help decrease pain under the kneecap.
Answer by: Admin on Feb 9, 2015, 2:02 PM
I have OA in my left knee all of my pain is on the outside and front of my knee is the OA reaction brace the right choice for me I'm an avid golfer and which option should medial/lateral option should I choose
Question by: Ryan on Apr 21, 2016, 9:46 PM
Yes the OA Reaction would be an approriate brace for you to use. You would want to have the hinge side go on the inside of your knee to unload the outside. You would order the right medial/left latera brace
Answer by: Admin on Apr 21, 2016, 9:46 PM
Am looking at a brace for my right knee - pain is allover the knee, but maybe worst on the inside but with swelling on the right side (!) Which medial/lateral option would I need?
Question by: Shirley K on Mar 17, 2016, 9:13 AM
You want to order the right medial/left latera brace and when you get the brace the hinge will go on the outside of your knee
Answer by: Admin on Mar 17, 2016, 9:13 AM

Take the measurement of your thigh and calf 6" above and below your kneecap using a flexible type tape measure.  Use the diameter you measure here to choose your size.

Note: Knee measurement is the most important, if you measure between sizes we recommend going up one size for optimum comfort and fit

    Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
    XS 13" - 15 1/2" 12"-13" 10"-12"
    S 15 1/2" - 18 1/2" 13"-14" 12"-14"
    M 18 1/2"- 21" 14"-15" 14"-16"
    L 21"- 23 1/2" 15"-17" 16"-18"
    XL 23 1/2" - 26 1/2" 17"-19" 18"-20"
    XXL 26 1/2" - 29 1/2" 19"-21" 20"-22"
    XXXL 29 1/2" - 32" 21"-23" 22"-24"

    Center Knee 1.Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent and leg muscles contracted.
    6 in Above 2. Measure up six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown.
    Thig Circle 3. Measure the circumference of your thigh at the 6-inch mark, as shown.
    6 in below 4. Measure down six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown. Then measure the circumference of your calf at the 6-inch mark.