Four Points of Leverage Technology Story

The Four Points of Leverage system is a patented, dynamic bracing system. Simply, it puts a posterior pre-load on the tibia. But what exactly are the four points and how do they work?

Donjoy 4-points-of leverage knee braces are worn either prophylactically or post-surgically to protect the ACL. 4 points of leverage refers to 4 specific points on the brace; the rigid anterior thigh cuff, rigid posterior calf cuff, posterior thigh strap, and anterior calf strap. Each of these points work together to apply a posterior force on the lower leg; reducing the amount of strain on the ACL. These types of braces are rigid and either Off the Shelf; made of aircraft grade aluminum and adjustable to fit each individual or Custom made of Carbon and specifically designed for the individual. Braces utilizing 4 points of leverage technology effectively reduce ACL strain by 50%1 which is particularly important during the rehabilitation phase as the ACL graft is remodeling. Rigid braces not only provide ACL support but they also protect additional ligaments that support the knee; MCL, LCL and PCL.

The four-point system was developed to reduce the strain in the ACL. The system accomplishes this by pre-loading the tibia posteriorly (backwards).

Point 1: Anchors the femur with a cuff placed at the anterior thigh.

Point 2: Anchors the tibia with a cuff placed at the posterior or bottom of the calf.

Point 3: Using a strap on the posterior thigh, the femur is pushed to the anterior, thereby pushing the hinges back on the knee.

Point 4: Brings the hinges back to midline using a strap on the anterior tibia creating a posterior pre-load on the tibia, reducing the strain on the ACL.

We stand by our braces. Before injuries even happen, bracing protects the knee during sport activities. Before surgery, the four points brace stabilizes the joint, reducing the risk of additional soft tissue damage. After surgery, the four points brace protects the healing graft. And during rehabilitation, the bracing system may allow for more aggressive treatments while providing some strain shielding of the ligament or its replacement, thereby preventing over-assertion on the weak area.

In any and all of these stages, we want the patient to Never Stop Getting Better and our Four Points of Leverage system helps make that possible.

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