Iceman Universal Cold Pad, Wrap-On


Attention Medicare Patients

Universal cold pad and wrap accessory for Iceman

The wrap-on pads are designed with a hook engageable material and stretch band to easily wrap around the affected area. The universal size is ideal for the shoulder, knee and ankle. The wrap-on pads are not available in a sterile configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes both cold pad and wrap
  • Convenient
  • No additional wrap needed

Available Options

  • Regular Hose (10.85"x11.34")
  • Extended Hose (10.85"x11.34")
  • Regular Hose, XL (12"x11.34")
  • Extended Hose, XL (12"x11.34")

Note: Regular Hose 6.5" , Extended Hose 15"

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Product Questions

What is the best way to clean and store the Iceman and the cold pad??
Question by: LINDA on Jul 21, 2010, 6:30 PM
Rinse out the cooler with warm water and a mild soap. Wipe the outside of the pad down with a warm rag. Store in a cool dry place.
Answer by: Admin on Jul 21, 2010, 6:30 PM
My wife suffers from migraines. Will the universal cold wrap fit well on a person's head? What is the return policy if it doesn't work out?

I used to have an airchill for my knee, and it would inflate and deflate, providing pressure on my knee. While I liked that for the knee, I'm not sure if it would be good or bad for headaches. Does this Donjoy unit also do that?

Question by: Chris Wu on Oct 1, 2014, 9:44 PM
The DonJoy Iceman Universal Wrap on pad is not for use on the head. For this purpose I would suggest the Don Joy Dura Kold TMJ Wrap. this can be used for the head. Another option is the donjoy Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap
Answer by: Admin on Oct 1, 2014, 9:44 PM
Can you tell me how the hand/wrist wrap works & how much it is? I also have misplaced my plug. Can you tell me how much a replacement one is. If I order them tomorrow (Mar 17) abt when can I expect to get them?
Thanks so much! I love my Iceman Clear!! Best therapy around!!
Question by: Karen S on Mar 16, 2014, 2:55 PM
The hand wrist pad is very small and doesn't come with a strap to wrap it on. The Sterile Small Rectangular wrap could be wraped around the wrist and hand, but that does not come with a strap so it would have to be wrapped on with an elastic bandage. The price for the pads is $49.99. you can get a new power supply here:
Answer by: Admin on Mar 16, 2014, 2:55 PM
I have an iceman and used it for my husband's hip surgery. How do I drain the shoulder pad. It seems to not allow the water to release from the pad. Thank you so much for your help!!!!
Question by: Wendy on Feb 18, 2016, 12:45 PM
The end of the hose that attaches to the pad pushes in and that will release the water
Answer by: Admin on Feb 18, 2016, 12:45 PM
Are there instructions or even better a illustration on how to put on the universal cold threapy wrap on a shoulder using the provided straps? We took it off and now cant figure out how to put it back on corrrectly. The product really helped but I cant seem to find any illustrations oh the correct way to wear it on the shoulder.
Parker Jones
Question by: parker jones on Aug 10, 2011, 3:24 PM
With the universal pad you are going to apply it so that the hoses coming out of the pad are going up towards the head and the circle in the middle of the pad will be over the shoulder joint area and the rest of the pad will wrap down on the arm. Unfortunately we do not have any other illustrations, than the ones that come with the unit.
Answer by: Admin on Aug 10, 2011, 3:24 PM