Which Ankle Brace is Right for Me?

ankle brace
By Fara Rosenzweig

From pounding on the pavement or slipping in a pot hole to jumping and cutting on the field or landing wrong, ankle injuries happen to many athletes in a variety of ways.

Whether you suffer from Achilles tendonitis, have chronic pain, or want to prevent injury, finding the right ankle brace can be a daunting task. Here’s a brief run down to help you select which brace is ideal for you.

Lace-up Support

Designed to meet the needs of demanding athletes, lace-up bracing gives athletes the confidence and support they need during their sport. These braces are easy to take on and off, and they offer a custom fit because of the laces and adjustable strap. Can easily be worn with any shoe. Ideal for athletes with strains, sprains, or needs a little more protection to prevent injury.


The Aircast ankle braces guard and stabilize the ankle during rehabilitation. Wearing the Aircast brace delivers functional management of the injury, which means that you can move around while your ankle heals. Get back to your regular activity as soon as possible. It’s ideal for those with minor fractures, ankle sprains or swelling and edema.

Daily Use / Mild Support

For those dealing with chronic ankle instability after an injury or are looking for some support for mild ankle sprains, select a mild support ankle brace. Mild support braces typically come in the form of sleeves or wrap-arounds that provide compression and stability as you go about your day.

Moderate / Maximum Support

Similar to the lace-up, select an ankle brace that offers moderate to maximum support for playing high-impact sports or participating in sports with a lot of quick lateral movement and jumping. With previous ankle sprains or second to third-degree sprains, a moderate or maximum support ankle brace will provide the stability necessary. It will allow no impediment of movement as you heal and provide support through activities. Moderate support ankle braces typically provide support through Velcro straps that go around the foot and ankle and often have stays on the side of the ankles to help prevent ankle rolls. Maximum support braces offer semi-rigid shells along your ankle to help prevent further injury while allowing normal movement.

Boot / Full-shell Protection

A boot offers semi-rigid shell protection to keep the ankle sturdy and stabilized. These braces offer a rocker sole to reduce the pressure placed on the foot when walking. There are customizable inflatable aircells for a personalized fit and ultimate support. This is ideal for those with a foot or ankle fracture, grade III ankle sprain or post-surgery. Not to be worn during sports, but for immediate recovery.

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