Our Best Ankle Brace for Basketball

By Fara Rosenzweig

Help protect your ankles from rollover injuries without impacting your performance on the court.

The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace is the best basketball ankle brace--in the DonJoy collection--for those who have previously injured their ankle seriously or those looking to prevent the ankle from serious injury. It features:

  • Padding and support protects against unnatural ankle movement or rotation that can tear or strain the ligaments.
  • A design that helps prevent future ankle sprains, even offering stability for basketball players who suffer from chronic ankle injuries.
  • Easy adjustments and comfort: The athlete can quickly adjust the brace -- even during a 20-second time out!
  • 3 levels of stability options from light, moderate, to extra support based on your need.

Protecting Your Ankle During Basketball

In the sport of basketball the ankle is one part of the body that suffers the most. Moving quickly down the court, changing directions at top speeds, jumping, landing, and the occasional collision with other players means that the ankle is at risk for overextension and overuse. A twist of the ankle just a little above its range of motion can cause a painful tear or rupture of the ankle ligaments. It is these ligaments that hold the ankle in place, so when a basketball player experiences an ankle injury it usually keeps him or her out of the game.

Here are some ways that basketball players can sustain an ankle injury:

  • Landing on the ankle the wrong way after jumping up for a rebound
  • Stepping or landing on another basketball players' shoe
  • Twisting the ankle while playing defense
  • Colliding with another player during a layup

One way to help avoid these types of injuries is to make sure the ankle is properly supported and stabilized during practice and games. The DonJoy Velocity is our best ankle brace for basketball because it is designed to help improve performance, prevent injury and even provide relief from prior injury.

DonJoy Velocity Levels of Support

donjoy velocity ankle brace
Light Support
donjoy velocity ankle brace
Moderate Support
donjoy velocity ankle brace
Extra Support

A Best Ankle Brace for General Support During Basketball

If you are looking for one of the best ankle braces for general support and injury prevention while you play. Our bracing experts recommend the Aircast A60, DonJoy Stabilizing PRO, or DonJoy Performance POD. The Aircast A60 is a lighter brace that supports the weakest point of the ankle to prevent ankle sprains. It is easy to put on with a single strap and has a sleek design that is less bulky than the DonJoy Velocity. The DonJoy Stabilizing PRO is a best ankle support for basketball players looking for a durable, lace-up design that helps control inversion and eversion of the ankle. It comes without bulk and fits easily into a basketball shoe. The POD Ankle Brace from DonJoy Performance takes away the hassle of taping. The POD ankle brace is lightweight at only 4 ounces, easy to put on, provides "Protection on Demand" to prevent your ankle from rolling, and is offers mid-level support without the bulk of laces, stays, and straps.