An Athletes Guide to Buying a Brace for Basketball

Athletes guide to buying a brace for basketball
By Fara Rosenzweig

With the constant jumping, twisting and shooting, it’s only a matter of time that a basketball player injures a body part. Take the precautionary steps to prevent such injuries with the right brace or sleeve. Whether you have encountered ankle sprains, jumper’s knee, ACL tears, injured shoulder, sprained wrists or jammed thumbs, these braces will help provide the stabilization, support, therapy and prevention basketball players need.

basketball knee strap

Knee Strap

Treat a sore knee, patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee) or acute knee pain with knee strap. These are designed to apply a comfortable, effective pressure on the knee to help alleviate pain. Simple to wear (fits under clothing), and easy to put on, straps can be worn during daily activities and basketball practice or game.

lace-up ankle brace

Ankle Lace-up

Designed to meet the quick-cutting moves in basketball, lace-up bracing gives athletes the confidence and support they need during their game. These braces are easy to take on and off, and they offer a custom fit because of the laces and adjustable strap. Can easily be worn with basketball shoes. Ideal for athletes with strains, sprains, or needs a little more protection to prevent injury.

knee sleeve

Knee Sleeve

Mild to moderate chronic knee pain can be minimized with compression sleeves. These sleeves redistribute the weight-bearing load and increase the ability to perform your best during practice and games and can also help during recovery when you're not on the court. Easily fits under clothing.

hinged knee brace

Hinged Knee Brace

A hinged brace is ideal for athletes who need protection and stabilization post-ligament reconstruction surgery or looking to prevent ACL, MCL or PCL injuries. The nature of basketball brings on a variety of ways an athlete may tear their ligament. A hinged brace offers ultimate protection to the athlete’s knee, utilizing four points of technology to keep the knee away from the at-risk position for an ACL tear.

wraparound knee brace

Wraparound Knee Brace

Wraparound styles for basketball players provide bracing solutions for mild to moderate knee pain, patellar instabilities and dislocation. Simple and easy to put on and off, allow you to customize the fit for comfort and knee protection. Wraparound bracing can be worn during games allowing you to focus on your performance without all the bulk—and pain.

maximum protection ankle brace

Maximum Protection Ankle Brace

For previous grade II or grade III sprains, protection is necessary as you get back in the game. Ankle braces like the Velocity and Bionic Ankle are designed to prevent ankle sprains. They are best for your quick drives to the basket. Read more about why the DonJoy Velocity is the our best ankle brace for playing basketball.

custom bracing

Custom Bracing

When speed and performance during sports matters, you don’t want to get slowed down with heavy, bulky braces. Custom knee brace provides the perfect balance of weight, strength and support to keep you healthy and protected while performing playing basketball. Ideal for those with ACL injury or need more compression to help relieve mild to moderate knee pain.

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