The Compex brand is known for electronic muscle stimulators such as the Compex Sport Elite and the Compex Performance US. These devices send signals through electrodes to key muscles in the body and imitate the muscles' natural contractions. When combined with regular workouts, electronic muscle stimulators help train muscles and develop strength, endurance, power, and burst speed in competitive athletes. The best part is that they strengthen without fatiguing the muscles or placing stress on the joints. Electronic muscle stimulators can even help athletes recover from workouts faster.

To keep your electronic muscle stimulator working at top performance, it's important to make sure your Compex device is working at its best. Over time, electrodes may wear out or parts may need replacing. We offer the following Compex accessories and replacement parts:

  • Compex Slide-On Electrodes
  • Compex Easy Snap Electrodes
  • Compex Battery Packs
  • Compex Electrode Conversion Cables
  • Compex Chargers

Check out our Compex accessories today and keep performing at your best!