These days you see compression everywhere. From compression socks to calf and arm sleeves, you can find compression on nearly every basketball court or nearby track.

History of Compression

Compression garments have been around for half a century, starting in the medical field and eventually making its way to the consumer market. “Stockings were made so there is more pressure lower [on the leg], and less farther up,” says Robert Gotlin, D.O., the director of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. “They can push blood along for those with vascular disease or circulation problems.” From there, Gotlin says the thinking emerged: if garments increase blood flow, could similar clothing help athletes perform better?

Increased Performance

Recent research supports Gotlin's movement for improved performance with compression. Researchers from the Department of Sport Science at the University of Wuppertal in Germany found that “application of compression clothing during exercise has small effects on improving short-duration sprints, vertical-jump height, and time to exhaustion, as well as time-trial performance.” There results suggest that the application of compression clothing may assist in athletic performance and recovery in given situations with consideration of the effects magnitude and practical relevance.

Your Compression Solution

Our DonJoy Performance ANAFORM Calf Sleeves feature a unique construction combining both lycra and neoprene in the same sleeve. The lycra front panel offers mild compression for improved circulation while the neoprene back panel offers increased heat retention keeping the calf muscles warm, delaying fatigue during sport and activity. These benefits allow athletes to stay in the game and compete at a high level day in and day out.