[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace"]Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace[/caption]

It's back to school season which means students are headed back to sport. Lots of fall sports involve the ankle - football, soccer, volleyball, cross country and cheerleading. Some schools also have basketball, golf and tennis during the fall season. Like most physical activities, each of these runs the risk of an ankle injury.

Many sports therapists recommend wearing ankle braces to help prevent ankle injuries during sports. A great ankle brace for this is the Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace. It's ideal for multiple types of sports, perfect for the athlete that continues on to other activities after the fall season. The Aircast Airsport comes with unique aircell technology that cushions and stabilizes the areas around the ankle. This provides compression that helps prevent ankle sprains and provides extra support for people who have had ankle sprains in the past. It also has a semi-rigid outer casing which protects the ankle from outside contact and from moving the wrong way.

Another great feature of the Aircast Airsport is that it's super easy to put on.  You just step in and go! It fits comfortably in athletic shoes and doesn't  inhibit movement. The Airsport is also made with a coated fabric, so it stands up to long hours of use.

For great ankle protection during sports, check out the Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace today!

Customer Aircast Airsport Review:  "I've always been prone to sprains; then I needed multiple surgeries on my ankle. I started playing volleyball again and needed a serious brace, so I bought this. I didn't sprain my ankle a single time the entire year. My old Active Ankles would always give me blisters the few times I wore them, but this brace never did. Well worth the price."