Get the support you need without a range of motion limitation, whether you're recovering from an injury or need preventative bracing.

Meet the Bionic™ Reel-Adjust bracing solutions.

Here at DonJoy Performance®, we know how important getting back on the field is to you. So we deliver exceptional technologies and compelling designs directly to you for optimal recovery and protective solutions.

The Bionic series of braces are the strongest and most stable supports found within the different DonJoy Performance product lines. The Bionic line is ideal for athletes playing high-impact sports like football, basketball or soccer or for those who have had a previous injury and want to protect and help prevent re-injury.

Reel-Adjust combines technology and rigid support without restricting movement. Whether suffering from a wrist injury or back pain, the Reel-Adjust is easy to use with high-quality features.

Take a closer look at the bracing solutions:

Reel-Adjust Wrist Brace

reel adjust wrist

The Reel-Adjust Wrist Brace can help manage and support pain, whether participating in non-contact sports or day-to-day activities.

  • 4-Way Knit Stretch Material delivers breathability, functional fit, comfort, and compression
  • Removable palmar stay allows for immobilization
  • Boa® Fit System allows for quick micro-adjustments and secure fit
  • Nylon lace glides help eliminate pressure points for comfort when wearing
  • Spandex undersleeve provides a comfortable, breathable fit

Reel-Adjust Back Brace

bionic back wrap

The Reel-Adjust Back Brace can help you manage your back discomfort during low-impact activities.

  • Two removable rigid panels provide support and comfort
  • Two adjustable back panels offer a secure and customizable fit
  • Boa® Fit System helps make adjustments and a secure fit more accessible
  • Back panel ventilation delivers plenty of breathability
  • Pull tabs help provide an easy on/off application

Your sport demands ultimate movement, so your muscles and joints need the maximum support with a highly responsive and natural feel of the Bionic Reel-Adjust bracing solutions.

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