The winter season is still going strong with snow on the slopes and skiers and snowboarders from all over the United States enjoying the fun. If you're planning on skiing or snowboarding this season, don't forget your protective gear. Here are some braces and supports for skiing and snowboarding that we offer:

Skiing Knee Braces – Knee injuries and ligament tears are actually quite common in skiing, since sometimes the leg may turn one way while the ski is turned another. Wearing a skiing knee brace may help minimize these injuries.

Skiing Back Braces – Many skiers hunch over while going down the slope to lower their center of gravity and wind resistance. However, this position may also strain the back and cause pain. Wearing a skiing back brace can give your back extra support while you're headed down the slopes.

Snowboarding Knee Braces – Knee injuries are also very common in snowboarding because the feet are bound to the snowboard. Sometimes the snowboarder may go one way while the board goes another! Like skiing, snowboarding knee braces may help prevent injuries such as knee sprains and meniscus tears.

Snowboarding Wrist Braces – Falling is a part of snowboarding. The natural reaction when falling is to put out your arm to brace the impact with the snow. However, this puts your wrists at risk for injuries such as sprains and fractures. Wearing a snowboarding wrist brace may help prevent these injuries.

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