A few days ago we posted about professional surfer Garrett McNamara's record-breaking ride on a 90-foot wave just off the coast of Portugal. McNamara tackled that wave while wearing DonJoy knee braces, and he has long been wearing knee braces to protect his body while surfing.

If you enjoy surfing, make sure to protect your knees. Surfing can cause stress on the knees, because of the way the knee is bent while your body balances on the waves. The force of the surf can also cause your knee to move out of a natural position, causing ligament tears and other injuries. Injuries can also happen to the knee from kneeling on the board or from impact after a wipeout.

Wearing surfing knee braces can help prevent injuries to your knees. They help support your knee as you shift your weight, and they help prevent the knee from moving out of its normal range. Check out these braces and supports for surfing and ride more safely starting today!