Did you know that back injuries can happen when playing soccer?

Soccer players are susceptible to lower back pain and herniated disk injuries. In fact, world-famous soccer player David Beckham had to sit out of major league soccer games last week due to pain in his lower back.

The lower back supports the weight and motion of an athlete's body. The twisting motion from kicking in soccer puts pressure and force on this area, which can lead to back strain or even ligament tears. Here are some ways to prevent soccer back injuries:

  • Wear a soccer back brace. Back braces for soccer provide compression along the spine. This can help hold the back in correct alignment and may prevent injury while playing soccer.
  • Stretch and strengthen the muscles. Make sure to keep your back muscles flexible and strong. This helps your body handle sudden loads of force during a soccer game.
  • Proper warm up. Soccer back injuries may be prevented by getting blood flowing through the body. Quick warm up exercises and stretching can help you avoid back sprains from the twisting motion when kicking.

These simple tips can be all the difference in keeping your body healthy and on the field!