Exercise is often a part of rehabilitation after a joint injury. Most people are aware of low impact activities such as swimming, but what do you do if you don't have a pool nearby? That's when tai chi comes in!

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese form of gentle physical exercise and stretching. Though it was originally developed for self defense, tai chi has evolved to be ideal in helping relieve joint pain. To perform tai chi, you move slowly and gracefully between a series of postures without stopping, so that your body is in steady motion. You can practice tai chi indoors or outdoors, and no special equipment is required.

Studies have shown that tai chi can relieve joint pain, increase stability and help with movement. Tai chi also helps promote range of motion and strengthening of the muscles around the joint.

Make sure to consult your doctor to ensure that this activity is appropriate for you, and make sure to get proper instruction to ensure that you are performing tai chi correctly. Get ready to try something new!

Tai Chi for Joint Health
Effects of tai chi on joint proprioception and stability limits in elderly subjects