Have you made the mistake of returning too soon? If you are competing while symptoms are present, the answer is yes.

The thigh is made up of muscles that extend the knee (quadriceps) located on the front of the upper leg and muscles that flex the knee (hamstrings) located on the back of the upper leg. Injury to the hamstring muscles occur when the athlete is running (accelerates) and forcibly stops, changes direction and creates a quick contraction of the muscle. This injury can nag an athlete all season if not treated appropriately.


The injury is obvious when it happens, the athlete will feel a sudden cramp or hear a pop in the back of their leg. The athlete usually comes off the field stating they felt something pull in their leg. The injury is immediately painful, and symptoms may include; bruising, swelling, decreased range of motion, and pain with walking/running.


These injuries linger as it's a lengthy recovery, the timeline depends on the severity of the injury but can range anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. Initial treatments will focus on treating the symptoms, as ice and compression wraps are utilized to control the pain and swelling. Rehabilitation will focus on regaining flexibility, and strength. The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to return the athlete to play at 100%, but athletes tend to return to play prior to regaining full range of motion and strength, and that leads to re-injury and the cycle begins again.


A compression sleeve is the most common and convenient form of support an athlete can wear. The Anaform Compression Thigh Sleeve is quick and easy to apply and it will provide warmth, support, reduce swelling and help to alleviate pain.



  • 2mm perforated neoprene delivers compression, warmth and support for improved circulation
  • Medial/lateral expansion panel for comfort
  • Mild compression to ease pain and reduce inflammation
  • Anatomically contoured sleeve fits left or right thigh
  • Pull tabs for easy on/off application
  • Anti-migration and elastic hemline help eliminate slip
  • Reflectivity for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions

Learn more about the Anaform Compression Thigh Sleeve which delivers warmth and compression to reduce bruising, swelling, and muscle soreness.