Cold therapy (also known as cryotherapy), is the application of cold to an area of injury. The cold helps to numb the affected area and reduce pain. It also affects the cells at the injured area by decreasing swelling and promoting healing.*

Doctors often recommend the use of cold therapy after an injury or surgery to help with a patient's recovery. Most people use ice or ice packs, but the cold does not last for very long - plus it can often result in a watery mess and frequent trips to the freezer.

Specialized cold therapy products such as Aircast Cryo Cuff cold therapy coolers apply consistent cold over a targeted area. The CyroCuffs also provide focused compression, which helps to minimize pain and fluids at the site of injury. Aircast Cryo/Cuffs are anatomically designed, so you can find a cold wrapper for your knee, foot, back, shoulder, hip, wrist or elbow.

Talk to your doctor to see if cold therapy is right for your injury, and start on the road to recovery!

* Duke University Health System – The RICE Principle