Safety during sports is important for individuals of all ages, but oftentimes younger athletes are overlooked when it comes to knee protection.  This is typically due to lack of education about sports injuries and also the unavailability of knee braces in smaller sizes.  Children and young adults are still growing, and can be affected by knee conditions such as Osgood-Schlatter's Disease.  This is an issue that occurs during periods of rapid growth and is a common cause of knee pain in adolescents.  Other types of knee problems may also occur in children, from general knee pain or a direct injury to the joint.

Many brands provide only one-size-fits-all knee braces.   These knee braces are not as effective as knee braces that are fitted, as they are typically too loose to adequately protect smaller knees.  At, we carry knee braces in all sizes, including XS knee braces.  Extra small knee braces are better suited for children and help protect the knee from injuries during sports.  We carry all types of XS knee braces, from knee pads to knee sleeves and even patella bands.  Speak with your doctor about using proper knee protection for your child during physical activities and check out our XS knee braces today!