Tru-Pull Lite


Attention Medicare Patients

Low-profile and extremely comfortable for mild to moderate patellar dislocations.
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Features & Benefits:

Bifurcated Strap
This two-pronged strap pulls the patella into proper alignment and helps reduce the pain from patellofemoral dysfunction.
Dual Durameter Buttress System
Provides a soft tacky connection with the patella ensuring maximum support, while maintaining complete comfort.
Thigh and Calf Anchors
You’ll no longer have to tug to keep your brace in place. These independent anchors prevent the brace from rotating.
Breath-O-Prene Fabric
You’ll love the comfort that comes from this wicking fabric that is breathable, and lightweight.
Plastic Hinges
Provide a little additional medial and lateral stability enhancing the overall support for your knee.

Is the Tru-Pull Lite for me?

For mild to moderate patella instabilities, dislocations, or tracking issues. Ideal for runners, recreational athletes or those who need extra support during daily activities. Still not sure? Try our Brace Advisor for personalized product recommendations to meet your needs!

Designed to support and protect:

  • Patella (kneecap) instabilities
  • Patella (kneecap) dislocations
  • Patella (kneecap) tracking issues
  • Mild to moderate anterior knee pain
  • Patellofemoral dysfunction
  • Lateral subluxation
  • Patellar maltracking

Best for:

  • Everyday activities
  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Walking

It may be “Lite”, but it’s strong enough to help relieve pain!

The Tru-Pull Lite is DonJoy’s most comfortable, low profile and shortest patellofemoral brace, yet strong enough to help relieve knee pain! This patella support brace is designed with pull straps above and below the patella (kneecap). This puts a “true” and consistent pull on the kneecap during flexion and extension, which realigns the patella. By properly aligning the kneecap you reduce the pain that comes with patellofemoral problems like dislocating your kneecap.

This brace is ideal for runners, recreational athletes, or individuals who are looking for extra patella support during their daily activities.

The DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite knee brace is used to treat or prevent the following injuries:

  • Mild to moderate anterior knee pain
  • Patellofemoral dysfunction
  • Lateral subluxation
  • Patellar maltracking

Sizing and Measurements

Click on the Size Chart tab above to learn how to measure your leg to determine what brace size you need.

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Product Questions

I'm between L and XL on the size charts - knee 17 1/2" - thigh 22 1/2" - calf 18". Which size should I get?
Question by: Mike on Sep 24, 2010, 6:45 PM
Hello Mike,

I recommend going with the XL size and adjusting as needed.
Answer by: Admin on Sep 24, 2010, 6:45 PM
Can this be worn when running? How about for a marathon?
Question by: Marv on Oct 15, 2010, 1:26 PM
Hello Marv,

As long as the brace is a proper fit, it can be worn while running.
Answer by: Admin on Oct 15, 2010, 1:26 PM
Question by: AL CUNNINGHAM on Dec 12, 2010, 9:01 AM
Hello Al,

There are no replacement straps, but the brace does have a 6 month warranty. Did you obtain this brace from us? If so, please email us @ with your order number and I'll be happy to process the replacement. If you did not obtain this item through us and it is still under warranty, please return your item to the facility that provided it for a replacement. They should handle the exchange for you.
Answer by: Admin on Dec 12, 2010, 9:01 AM
A lot reviews complain of velcro issues. Have any improvements been made to correct this? What is the warranty on this product and does the warranty cover velcro issues?
Question by: Roman Alpert on Jan 11, 2015, 6:42 PM
The velcro has been updated and it has a six month warranty
Answer by: Admin on Jan 11, 2015, 6:42 PM
I had a total left knee replacement 16 months ago
My physician advised me to get a brace to support my
Knee I want to return to low mileage running. My pt
Recommended the tru pull.
Question by: Julie on Sep 29, 2014, 11:46 AM
Are you having problems with your kneecap? Does it track incorectly? This is what the Tru-Pull Lite is used for. Usually this is not worn by someone who just had a total knee replacement. If you are having some discomfort around the fron of the knee but no instability the DonJoy Reaction Web knee brace might be a better choice. You can call product support at 888-405-5124, and we can help you find a brace that will fit your needs
Answer by: Admin on Sep 29, 2014, 11:46 AM

Take the measurement of your thigh and calf 6" above and below your kneecap using a flexible type tape measure.  Use the diameter you measure here to choose your size.

Note: This product runs small. If you measure between sizes we recommend going up one size for optimum comfort and fit

    Size Thigh Knee Center Calf
    XS 13" - 15 1/2" 12"-13" 10"-12"
    S 15 1/2" - 18 1/2" 13"-14" 12"-14"
    M 18 1/2"- 21" 14"-15" 14"-16"
    L 21"- 23 1/2" 15"-17" 16"-18"
    XL 23 1/2" - 26 1/2" 17"-19" 18"-20"
    XXL 26 1/2" - 29 1/2" 19"-21" 20"-22"
    XXXL 29 1/2" -32" 21" -23" 22" -24

    Center Knee 1.Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, legs slightly bent and leg muscles contracted.
    6 in Above 2. Measure up six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown.
    Thig Circle 3. Measure the circumference of your thigh at the 6-inch mark, as shown.
    6 in below 4. Measure down six inches from the center of your knee with a tape measure, as shown. Then measure the circumference of your calf at the 6-inch mark.