6 Tips to Help Ease Ankle Pain From Snowboarding

6 Tips to Help Ease Ankle Pain From Snowboarding
By Fara Rosenzweig

When it comes to winter spots, snowboarding brings a great deal of adventure and fun, yet aches and pains can start—especially in the ankle.

Ankle pain is one of the more common injuries snowboarders experience during and after a day riding. Whether its from the amount of pressure your board puts on your ankle while on the chairlift or just from overuse when you twist and jump on your board, here are a few key tricks to look out for to prevent more ankle pain.

Check Your Bindings

Some bindings have a more aggressive lean, are more flexible, and have a higher back. Each rider prefers something different, but the angle and type of binding may be causing ankle irritation. Try readjusting the placement and angle to see if that helps ease your ankle pain. You might have to test out a variety of bindings to see if that is the cause of your discomfort.

Adjust Lower-Body Form

Your form may be off when boarding. Have someone take a look next time you hit the mountains to see if your knees are too close or far apart, if they go over your ankles, how your pelvic tilt looks and how you switch sides. A simple form adjustment can help take pressure off of your ankles.

Correct Pronation

Sometimes ankle pain is from pronation (when your ankle rolls inward), which can put a great deal of pressure on the inside of the foot around the ankle area. Placing orthotics in your boots can help correct the pronation—easing ankle pain.

Support on the Chairlift

There’s a good amount of pressure on the ankle when on the chairlift. Gravity pulling the board while you ride up the mountain can strain the ankle or cause soreness. Make sure to support the board with the loose foot. Simply place the free foot under the board or locked in foot to keep the weight off of the foot that’s secure in the binding.

Do Your Ankle/Foot Exercises

Whether you’re trying to prevent reinjuring an ankle sprain or preventing an injury, strengthening your ankles is ideal to avoid mishaps while on the mountains. From toe curls and calf raises to ABC’s and stretching, give the following exercises a try to keep your ankle in tip-top shape: 10 Ankle-Strengthening Exercises.

Support Your Ankle

If you’re experiencing mild pain before you hit the slopes, consider wearing an ankle support. The Trizone Ankle is an ankle sleeve that provides a great deal of compression and warmth to the ankle without bulk or restriction.

Feeling the Pain?

Still feeling the pain and soreness in your ankles after a long day at the slopes? Try out these at-home remedies to help you alleviate ankle pain so you can get back on your board.