Braces for Snowboarding

Best Braces for Snowboarding
By Fara Rosenzweig

When you’re hitting the slopes you want to avoid injury, or re-injury, at all times—we totally get it.

Whether you just came back from the mountains with an injury—sorry!—or you’re about to head out and want to avoid re-injury, make sure you pack support for common snowboarding injuries. Our main goal is to keep you healthy all season long and beyond.

Ankle Sprains

One of the most common injuries among boarders is an ankle sprain, be it from a fall, overuse or improper equipment. The Stabilizing Speed Pro laces quicker and easier than the Stabilizing Pro and fits better inside a snowboard boot. It's also ideal to wear with any normal or athletic shoe. So if you just got back from a snowboard trip and need a brace for daily wear, this will help take pressure off and help alleviate the pain.

Gain more support, compression and durability with this brace, letting you worry less about your past ankle injury and snowboard with confidence.

ACL Injury

Ouch, an ACL injury can put a damper on your snowboarding season. However, one of the best ways to help recovery is with proper support to move the knee--without pain. The Armor Knee Brace is one of the most supportive off-the-shelf brace for athletes because it reduces the amount of time your knee is at risk, taking pressure off of the knee. It’s easy to adjust, making this brace customizable to you. It also comes in a shorter length, making it ideal for snowboarders to avoid discomfort when hitting the slopes—once you’re cleared to do so, of course.

Wrist Injury

Wrist strains and sprains are usually caused from a fall when snowboarding. For support, we recommend the DonJoy Comfort Wrist and Thumb Support or the Procare-Fit Wrist II. With easy-to-use and adjustable fit, these two braces offer snowboarders immobilization to help support the healing process. If you’re looking for something day-to-day wear or a brace to use when you head back to the mountains, opt for the DonJoyPerformance Double Wrap Wrist Support or the DonJoy Wrist Wrap. Both, light and less bulky than braces, offer compression, stability and support without limiting your range of motion.