From recreational leagues to the professional rankings, the new POD Ankle brace is a preferred ankle brace. Athletes everywhere are catching on to POD Ankle's simple, sleek design that avoids laces, bulky stays and multiple straps, however maintains support.

POD Ankle has an ultra-light 4 oz. construction, allowing for enhanced footwork and speed. The design maintains natural motion and freedom of movement during activity, while helping prevent against ankle roll and other common ankle injuries.

“I love the new POD Ankle Brace. I've taped my ankles since high school and have always sought out a brace as an alternative. POD is the first brace I've used that provides comparable, and really superior protection.” said professional Lacrosse athlete Kyle Harrison. “From the mobility to the support, the POD is the best ankle brace on the market.”


For more information about POD Ankle Brace visit: DonJoyPerformance.com