One of the big fears every basketball player has is a season-ending knee injury. China's Olympic basketball player Yi Jianlian can attest to that - he's been struggling with a knee injury for several days now, and it's clear to viewers and teammates that it's affecting his game - and the scores.

To help prevent basketball knee injuries from happening in the first place, many professional and recreational basketball players wear basketball knee braces. They help support and stabilize the knee, reducing your chance of ligament injuries. Some athletes wear knee straps which also help with pain from tendonitis and jumper's knee. With all the running and stress on the joints, basketball knee braces take a key part in battling knee injuries during basketball.

Basketball knee braces can also help after an injury has occurred. Many injuries that athletes suffer are actually re-injuries of issues that have happened in the past. Knee braces give added support to prevent the knee joint from moving out of place, minimizing the time that your knee is in at "at risk" position for re-injury.

Check out these basketball knee braces and get the protection you deserve during the pre-season.