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Basketball is especially hard on the knees. It is crucial to protect your knees while playing a sport that applies a lot of force to the knees from jumping, cutting, and sprinting up and down the court. Some of the most common knee injuries incurred during basketball are knee sprains, ACL injuries, meniscus tears, and hyperextended knees. Often times, these injuries can be prevented by wearing a knee brace to support the knee joint. Our bracing experts recommend the following as the best knee braces and sleeves to properly protect the knee and surrounding ligaments for basketball. Need help selecting a brace for basketball? Try Brace Advisor, our guided tool, for recommendations based on your injury or check out our basketball brace guide.

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  1. View Details DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace - Gray
    Special Price $74.99 Regular Price $150.95
    On Sale 50% Off Save $75.96
    (151) Reviews
    Our best solution for anterior pain. Innovative design works to shift weight away from the painful areas in the knee. Learn More
  2. View Details Black
    DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace
    Special Price $69.99 Regular Price $91.99
    On Sale 24% Off Save $22.00
    (67) Reviews
    Support for MCL/LCL instabilities, hyperextension and general meniscus support. Learn More
  3. View Details donjoy-defiance-iii-custom-knee-brace
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (38) Reviews
    Customized ligament protection for your knee. Ideal for athletes who participate in contact sports and want to prevent a knee ligament injury or re-injury. Learn More
  4. View Details DonJoy Lateral J Patella Knee Brace Drytex
    Special Price $34.99 Regular Price $58.23
    On Sale 40% Off Save $23.24
    (57) Reviews
    Stabilizes the kneecap. Patented nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric, it allows for airflow while still giving ample support and compression. Learn More
  5. View Details DonJoy Economy Hinged Knee Drytex Sleeve
    Special Price $100.00 Regular Price $133.36
    On Sale 25% Off Save $33.36
    (11) Reviews
    Designed to support a MCL/LCL injury and protect the knee. Learn More
  6. View Details DonJoy Deluxe Open Knee Support - Open Patella
    Special Price $38.99 Regular Price $59.99
    On Sale 35% Off Save $21.00
    (11) Reviews
    4mm neoprene with open or closed popliteal and patella options Learn More
  7. View Details DonJoy A22 Custom Knee Brace
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (9) Reviews
    Custom fit, lightweight titanium brace offers our top ACL protection for non-contact sports and some football positions. Learn More
  8. View Details Webtech Short Knee Brace - Black
    DonJoy Performance Webtech Short Knee Brace
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (40) Reviews
    Silicone web evenly distributes pressure to the Quad and Patellar Tendon Learn More
  9. View Details Webtech Knee Strap - Slime Green
    DonJoy Performance Webtech Knee Strap
    Special Price $29.99 Regular Price $40.99
    On Sale 27% Off Save $11.00
    (18) Reviews
    Silicone band supports the Patellar Tendon Learn More
  10. View Details DonJoy Performer Hinged Patella Knee Brace
    Special Price $56.64 Regular Price $56.64
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (3) Reviews
    For mild ligament sprains, strains, patellar instabilities Learn More
  11. View Details DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite - Right Sleeve - X-Small
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (61) Reviews
    Low-profile and extremely comfortable for mild to moderate patellar dislocations. Learn More
  12. View Details DonJoy TriZone Knee Brace - 908x908
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (27) Reviews
    Multi-functional design simulates therapeutic taping for improved joint stability and added compression to support all types of knee pain. Learn More
  13. View Details KneedIT Knee Guard
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (17) Reviews
    Helps to provide temporary relief of pain due to arthritis, tendonitis or chondromalacia. Learn More
  14. View Details DonJoy Performer Knee Support Brace
    Special Price $15.99 Regular Price $18.30
    On Sale 13% Off Save $2.31
    (5) Reviews
    A sleeve-style for mild arthritis, sprains, strains and relief from inflammation and joint pain. Learn More
  15. View Details AnaForm 4MM Open Patella Knee Sleeve - On-Skin - Front - Black
    Special Price $26.99 Regular Price $47.99
    On Sale 44% Off Save $21.00
    (4) Reviews
    4mm neoprene sleeve with open Patella for added knee support Learn More
  16. View Details Defender Knee Pads - On-Body - Front - Black
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (3) Reviews
    Designed to absorb shock and protect from bruises or other common impact injuries. Learn More
  17. View Details Anaform Dual PinPoint Knee Strap - Black - On-Skin - Front
    DonJoy Performance Dual Pinpoint Knee Strap
    On Sale 0% Off Save $0.00
    (6) Reviews
    Dual strap that helps to alleviate quad pressure and patellar pain due to jumper’s knee or runner’s knee. Learn More
  18. View Details DonJoy Performance Bionic Drytex Knee Sleeve - X-Large
    DonJoy Performance Bionic Drytex Knee Sleeve
    Special Price $79.99 Regular Price $105.99
    On Sale 25% Off Save $26.00
    (9) Reviews
    Joint stabilizing, bilateral hinged knee sleeve with an open patella design. Learn More
  19. View Details DonJoy Performance® Hinged Knit Knee - X-Large
    DonJoy Performance Hinged Knit Knee
    Special Price $62.99 Regular Price $73.99
    On Sale 15% Off Save $11.00
    Compression knit knee sleeve with plastic hinges. Learn More
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Prevent Basketball Knee Injuries

With the high occurrence of knee injuries associated with basketball, it is extremely important for athletes to take measures to prevent knee injuries before and during the basketball season. Whether you play recreationally or competitively, strengthening your knees and the surrounding ligaments is beneficial. This includes strengthening your quads, hamstrings, hips, and glutes. A strong lower body combined with wearing a knee brace can dramatically lower your chances of injuring you knee when you play basketball. For knee injury prevention, we recommend wearing a compression knee sleeve, knee band, or soft hinged knee brace. For those who have been previously injured, we recommend wearing a hinged knee brace which will help support the knee ligament in the weaker spots.

Don't let basketball injuries stop you this season. If you injured your ACL, follow these tips on how to get back in the game after an ACL tear.

Common Knee Injuries From Basketball: ACL Tear | Jumpers Knee | Hyperextended Knee | Meniscus Tear

Shop Knee Supports by Injury: ACL Braces | Meniscus Braces | PCL Braces | MCL Braces

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Our Best Knee Braces for Basketball

DonJoy Defiance - Our Best custom knee brace available for protection
DonJoy Fullfource Ligament - Don't let a knee brace slow you down on the court - lightweight with Fourcepoint hinge helps protect you in the gym
DonJoy Playmaker - Our most popular intermediate level brace for ACL and/or PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities