A football player will use nearly every part of their body while they're on the field. Football players are especially prone to knee injuries so it's wise to wear a knee brace so you keep out of the medic tent all season. Even if you're not currently injured, wearing a knee brace may reduce the chances of suffering from knee ligament injuries. We recommend the DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with FourcePoint Hinge for football players.

The DonJoy Armor with FourcePoint Hinge is great for players treating, recovering from and preventing moderate to severe ACL instabilities and hyperextension. The knee brace reduces the strain on the ACL by distributing the load on the ligament, making it comfortable to wear while helping to prevent tearing and help protect ligaments. The brace also reduces the amount of time the knee is in an at-risk position, protecting the knee and keeping you off the bench. No matter where you're at in recovery or the level of protection you're looking for, the flexion angles of the brace can be adjusted to your comfort level and recovery requirements.

Constructed of aircraft aluminum, the brace is extremely lightweight and undeniably strong so you can run, jump and cut the field as you normally would. Whether you're treating an existing injury or just want to protect your knee from hyperextension, this knee brace will protect and stabilize your ligaments on and off the field.

Football players have a higher risk of tearing their ACL. By proactively learning about ACL injuries, you can be one step ahead in learning how to prevent the injury, recognize the symptoms in the off-chance you think you have torn your ACL, and how to recover because recovery is possible! Learn about the different ACL braces as a starting point, secondly, work on strengthening the surrounding muscles, ensuring that you warm-up and cooldown properly before and after practices and games, and rest and recover.