Wearing ankle braces can help prevent injuries to the ankle joint and provide extra support when it's needed. However, many people choose not to wear them because of pre-conceived notions about ankle braces. Here we dispel some of the greatest myths about ankle braces.

Myth #1: Ankle braces are uncomfortable.

Well-made ankle braces are actually very comfortable. Most people report that they barely notice they're wearing them... and if they do notice it, they appreciate the added feeling of support. They are lined with soft material that helps keep away moisture and most of our Aircast and DonJoy ankle braces are also made with breathable material that keeps the foot cool.

Myth #2: Ankle braces are difficult to wear.

While this may be true for older models of ankle braces, most of the ankle braces offered at BetterBraces.com can be put on with just one hand! No laces or adjustment need to be made. Many of them can simply be put on with one or two Velcro tabs.

Myth #3: Ankle braces get in the way during sports.

Ankle braces designed for sports are actually very streamlined and shaped to the foot so that they won't get in the way. Most of them are flexible, but still add support and stability to prevent the ankle roll over injuries that lead to injuries that bring you off the field. They also fit right in your regular shoes, so you can go about everyday business or sports with ease.

Myth #4: Ankle braces are expensive.

At BetterBraces.com we have many types of ankle braces so you can get one at a price you can comfortably afford. The value you get from peace of mind is well worth it... and may even help you avoid unnecessary doctors' bills!

We hope this helps dispels some of the myths around ankle braces. Check out our wide selection of ankle braces today... for sports, everyday wear, chronic ankle instability, or even special ankle braces for specific conditions!