DonJoy Performance will be the Official Bracing and Supports Partner of D1 Sports Training Centers to help athletes play longer, heal faster and perform stronger.

DonJoy Performance, the consumer division of leading global provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management DJO Global, Inc., announced today the partnership with D1 Sports Training, the premiere athletic-based training brand in the country. DonJoy Performance will become the Official Bracing and Supports company of D1 Sports Training.

The partnership brings together two sports performance brands rooted in sports training. DonJoy Performance, a recognized leader in bracing and supports will provide D1 Sports Training athletes, coaches and medical teams with products to assist with training, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

“DonJoy Performance is committed to helping athletes play better, heal faster and return to play faster through our functional and protective solutions. The partnership with D1 Sports Training provides an active environment for athletes of all ages to experience the protection and prevention DonJoy Performance products offer to enhance performance,” said Charlie Setzler, GM, DonJoy Performance.


D1 Sports Training has established itself as a leader in world-class performance training for all ages with over 35 training centers and an additional 40 sports medicine clinics around the U.S., providing both athletic-based group fitness and sports performance training. The training centers offer custom sports training programs, boot camps and athletic development, while the therapy centers provide the latest in sports medicine and therapy.

“D1 is excited to partner with a like-minded premium sports brand such as DonJoy Performance”, said Will Bartholomew, CEO and Founder of D1 Sports Companies. “Through this relationship, D1 can ensure that our athletes have access to the highest level of injury prevention and rehab products as well as education that will give them the confidence to perform at their highest levels.”