ACL Football

A diagnosis that football players fear and don't want to hear: ACL injury.

In football, cutting motions and sharp pivots can put a great amount of force on the knee. As a result, the positioning of the ACL makes it responsible for maintaining the integrity of the knee against that force. Injuries typically happen when a player plants his or her foot on the ground while rotating their body. The ACL absorbs the twisting force across the knee joint and when it can't handle it anymore, it ruptures.

It's one of the most dramatic injuries in an athlete's career. In fact, But, football players can return to the field with confidence if they properly treat their ACL injury and help reduce the risk of another ACL injury.

So, what can you do if you suffer from an ACL injury? First, seek immediate medical help. It's important to get the proper diagnosis from your physician to understand your treatment plan.

ACL knee braces can help with recovery and ACL protection.

What To Do If ACL Tear is Severe or Requires Surgery?

For a severe tear, you'll most likely need surgery. For post-op protection, you can wear the DonJoy® Defiance® III Custom Knee Brace. Recognized as one of our best ACL knee braces, the Defiance® III Custom Knee Brace delivers top-of-line protection that is custom fit for your leg.

Wearing a brace with FourcePoint™ hinge technology in conjunction with a 4-Points-of-Leverage™ frame design can significantly increase flexion angles, reducing anterior shear forces and strain on the ACL.

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What to Wear for Moderate ACL Injuries?

A moderate ACL injury means there's a partial tear. Surgery is usually not needed for a moderate ACL injury, but physical therapy may be required. As you recover from a moderate ACL tear, consider the DonJoy® Armor Knee Brace with Fourcepoint™ Hinge.

Strong and supportive off-the-shelf brace for contact sports with added ACL support via the FourcePoint Hinge. With adjustable straps and anti-migration supra condyle pad, the Armor Knee Brace with Fourcepoint Hinge delivers protection without limiting the range of motion. So, if cleared from your physician to play, this brace can protect the ACL and prevent it from re-injury.

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What to Wear for Mild ACL Sprains or to Prevent ACL Injury

Whether you have a mild ACL injury or have not experienced one, the BIONIC™ FULLSTOP Knee Brace delivers the protection you're looking for.

The BIONIC™ FULLSTOP provides Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) protection during recovery from injury, as well as prevention of future injury. The FULLSTOP dampening hinges prevent hyperextension and help improve joint mechanics.


Note: Check with your doctor for specific instructions on returning to your activity once you've recovered from your injury.

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