Head Athletic Trainer at the Division 1 Collegiate level, Patrick Spieldenner trusts DEFENDER Skin as a custom fit, easy to adhere solution on the field.

“My athletes love DEFENDER Skin padding. It's really easy to put on, pretty much a custom fit for whatever you need.” said Spieldenner. “Back of the hand, foreman, elbow, shoulder, rib protection, hip pointers, knee contusions. Any type of contusions. Once you stick it on you don't have to worry about it.”

Defender Skin is a light, flexible and versatile form of protection available to athletes today, no matter what game they play. It's a breathable adhesive second skin designed to defend the body against cuts, scrapes, burns, pain and bruising often associated with the impact and abrasion of rigorous sports.

Quick Application:

  • For best results, apply to clean, dry skin and 45-minutes prior to activity
  • Cut Defender Skin with scissors to desired size and shape
  • Peel and apply directly to skin. Avoid lifting and re-applying
  • Place pressure on padded areas and corners
  • Defender Skin is designed for one-time use only

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