Female Holding Hypersphere Vibrating Ball

HyperIce, the makers of the Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller takes the charge in innovation again with its latest release of the Hypersphere.  The Hypersphere is a vibrating massage ball, a bit larger than a softball coming in at 5" in diameter and weighing 2.5 pounds.  This compact ball with its eye-catching neon green and black striped design is taking myofascial release to the next level.

With massage balls, athletes are typically known to run the gamut from tennis balls to lacrosse balls and even golf balls when it comes to finding a way to loosen their muscles, tendons, and knots in their body.  Looking to find a round object that can easily massage and dig deep into various muscles, finding a durable ball that can apply enough pressure can be tough.  That's where the HyperIce Hypersphere comes in, this is not only a massage ball but a ball that vibrates.  The massage ball can vibrate at 3-levels of intensity to give you that deep tissue massage you're looking for while helping increase blood circulation in the area to help promote faster healing and recovery.

Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball - Side by Side View

Conveniently sized and holding a charge for up to 2 hours, the Hypersphere can be brought with you to your workout for a quick post-workout recovery session.  It can be brought in your car, your gym bag, or even for travel.  Bring it to tournaments, games, or even on vacation.  You can now dig out those tough muscle knots right at home without having to make another appointment with your massage therapist.  You can work out those sore muscles and give them some relief.  You can use the Hypersphere to help lengthen your muscles to increase flexibility.  By increasing your flexibility, you can improve your range of motion which will result in less injuries and better performance.

Hypersphere on IT Band

Another benefit to using this vibrating massage ball is that you can use it all over your body.  Use it on your IT Band, your quads, or hamstrings.  It is also great for your upper back, between the shoulder blades and lower back.  Use it on tight hips or glute muscles.  Use it on your calves to loosen the achilles muscle or use it on the bottom of your foot to stretch out your fascia tendon.

Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball on Back

Hypersphere Hamstring

Not known by many, you can also use this vibrating massage ball during your workouts to help develop stability muscles.  Try balancing on one leg while completing various overhead or side-to-side motions while holding the vibrating ball in your hand.  This will help develop your stability muscles around your ankle as you work to maintain your balance.

Sound interesting?  Be one of the first to try this vibrating massage ball and show off to your friends.  The HyperIce Hypersphere is now available on BetterBraces.com here for $149.99.

Hypersphere Massage Ball Upper Back

Hypersphere Vibrating Massage Ball