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BetterBraces now carries HyperIce, a new on the market technology that combines ice with compression right into a wrap you can wear after a hard workout to help speed up recovery and prevent injuries. HyperIce can also be used to help treat common sports injuries. The best part about it, it's portable and designed for athletes on-the-go. Even the pros and elite athletes like Blake Griffin, Hope Solo, Lindsey Vonn, Troy Polamalu, Lebron James, and Adrian Peterson, just to name a few, cannot live without it.

Many athletes use cold therapy after training sessions and competitions to help with recovery. There are a few typical ways ice is currently applied to athletes. The first method is via an ice pack held over the area by ones hand, saran wrap, just set on top of the area or via an ace bandage. Another method is via an ice bath. Many of these methods often mean that an athlete ends up sitting around waiting for their icing period (10-20 minutes) to end. Sometimes the ice packs fall off or slide out of the ace bandage. Often times, the way the ice is applied leaves the person immobilized for that time period. And some areas of the body are difficult to ice such as the shoulder or back.

Athletes are on-the-go people. They don't have time to sit around and ice, they want to be on the move. This is why the HyperIce is a game changer. Not only does it have a unique icing technology to help the ice contour to the area on the body for maximum coverage, it's portable. This means you can be icing and continue your day. You can walk your dog, make breakfast, drive, etc.

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How Does HyperIce Work?

The HyperIce products are all very similar in the way they work so whether you have the HyperIce Knee, Shoulder, Utility, or Back, it all functions the same way. All HyperIce products come with a neoprene compression sleeve and a patented Ice Cell pocket for the ice. When you're ready to ice, take your Ice Cell pocket which is a bag-like device and put in crushed or small cubes of ice and seal it tight with the leak-guard cap. It has a wide-mouth opening making this easy. The Ice Cell is made up of a thin and durable antimicrobial skin to help ward off germs. The thin skin also helps prevent direct ice-to-skin contact while ensuring maximum cold transfer. Next you put the Ice Cell on a flat surface and remove all the air. Then insert the ice cell into the compression sleeve and wrap the compression sleeve around the desired area. The HyperIce comes with a built-in air-release valve to help contour the Ice Cell to the body part for maximum icing coverage. You should release air every 5 minutes to make sure the icing is optimal. And now you can go about your day – it's designed for mobility.

HyperIce Product Line

HyperIce has released an impressive line of ice compression wraps for icing various parts of the body. Learn about the features and benefits of each product below or view all HyperIce products here.

HyperIce Knee

The HyperIce Knee Compression Wrap is great after a hard basketball or football workout. Runners and weightlifters also love the product. Help your knees recovery quickly after any type of activity that is hard on the knees. The HyperIce Knee is also great for alleviating pain and inflammation due to various knee injuries such as ACL, MCL, and Meniscus tears, hyperextended knee strains, runners knee, jumpers knee, IT band pain, and more.

Check out the HyperIce Knee:

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HyperIce Utility

A smaller version of the HyperIce Knee, the HyperIce Utility is perfect for smaller areas of the body that need ice therapy and compression. It works well for areas like the elbow, shin, ankle, arm, and more. Ideal for treating pain and inflammation due to ankle sprains, wrist strains, shin splints, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and even bruised areas on the body.

Check out the HyperIce Utility:

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HyperIce Shoulder

The HyperIce Shoulder is ideal for baseball, football, basketball, tennis, and golf athletes. It's sleek and compact making icing the shoulder easier than traditional forms of shoulder icing. It can be used after a long game or workout and is ideal for common shoulder injuries such as tendonitis, AC joint pain, rotator cuff tears, and shoulder overuse. The HyperIce Shoulder also has an extended version with a larger sleeve which allows bilateral coverage of the rotator cuff.

Check out the HyperIce Shoulder:

Check out the HyperIce Extended Shoulder:

Dwayne Wade & Lebron James Use HyperIce Shoulder

Volleyball Players Use HyperIce Shoulder

HyperIce Back

The HyperIce Back wrap is a multi-layered ice compression which works to prevent and treat mid-lower back pain. It is designed for comfort and can be worn to help with pain associated with back spasms, stiffness, sciatica, soreness, arthritis, and overuse.

Check out the HyperIce Back:

HyperIce Back Wrap on Blake Griffin

HyperIce Vyper

Not part of the ice compression line but also a game changer, HyperIce also makes Vyper, a unique roller that helps with recovery and warm-up by combining pressure with vibrations to help keep the muscles loose. We will feature the special benefits of the Vyper in a separate post.

Check out the HyperIce Vyper: