DonJoy Performance Athlete Kyle Harrison started playing Lacrosse at 4 years old, and hasn't slowed down since. As he competes in his 11th professional season, Kyle puts a strong emphasis on keeping his body right.

“The important part for me at this point is making sure I am ahead of the curve when it comes to the recovery process. Technology like TRIZONE and COMPEX, keeps me confident while training and practicing knowing that I can perform at a high level during the game.” said Kyle Harrison.

"The DonJoy Performance TRIZONE Ankle Support, I won't walk out of the house without that one. I always roll my ankles so I want some support. All of the training I do, whether that's shooting on my own or lightweight training, I'm always wearing one of those. Just recently, as I started to do a little bit of light training as far as squatting and cleaning and those types of things, I put on the TRIZONE Knee Support for my knee .”


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