Pod Ankle for Soccer
No more taping to protect your ankle. Choose ankle bracing that prevents your ankle from rolling over tape. Taping is inefficient, time consuming, and wasteful. Today, DonJoy Performance releases a new “Protection On Demand” ankle brace that features patent-pending technology to prevent ankle rolls and sprains without limiting range of motion:  POD Ankle Brace.

The new ankle brace is a game changer. Created with the athlete in mind, the POD meets the needs of athletes across a wide-array of sports. An alternative to taping, this low-profile brace provides compression and support an athlete needs when playing or training. Designed without metal or stays, the POD Ankle Brace features ultra-lightweight construction, super soft EVA lining, low-profile cuff and adjustable underfoot closure. At 30 percent lighter than the average ankle brace, athletes will experience enhanced footwork and speed while remaining safely supported when needed. Designed for all athletes of all sports, the POD Ankle Brace can be worn to support one weak ankle or worn on both ankles helping to prevent injuries. Simple to put on and easy to clean, athletes can focus on their movement and be proactive, preventing future ankle rolls or sprains, with the POD Ankle. Order Now.

While most ankle braces are bulky and constricting, the POD Ankle allows for 360-degree movement. This brace allows athletes to focus on their sport of choice instead of carrying tape, spending time taping their injury and worrying about if the brace will stay put.

Common Taping Issues:

  • Tape goes over the ankle too tightly causing discomfort
  • Limits range of motion, restrictive, and stiff
  • Tape is not always readily available
  • Ankle is not taped appropriately
  • Difficult to tape yourself
  • Difficult to find someone that knows how to tape properly
  • Tape does not stay on or comes off during play
  • Skin gets irritated due to adhesive, prolonged use, or tape gets wet from sweat
  • Blisters or cuts
  • Difficult to remove without scissors
  • Costly; not reusable

How Does the POD Ankle Brace Work?

Delivering ultimate protection to prevent ankle rolls and sprains, the POD offers the following benefits:

  • 30% lighter than the average ankle support on the market weighing only 4 ounces
  • Super soft lining provides ultimate comfort
  • Anatomical shell helps the brace mold and fit to every foot shape
  • Easily tighten or loosen brace with velcro strap
  • Sleek and low-profile design fits any shoe or cleat
  • No bulky straps and laces make this brace easy to put-on
  • Ideal for all sports

POD Ankle Benefits

Recommended for: Athletes or active individuals who've suffered from ankle rolls, sprains or chronic weakness. Not meant for acute injuries.

Activities: Basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, tennis, lacrosse and more.

POD Ankle Brace for Basketball Speed Ladder Warm-up with POD Ankle

Colors:  Available in black or white

DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace On Skin
POD Ankle Brace in BlackPOD Ankle Brace in White

Un-Tape Now

This durable POD ankle support costs $79.99.  ORDER NOW.

Putting on POD Ankle Brace

Fit and Usage

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