Back pain is one of the leading causes of job-related injuries in the United States. What most people don't know is that in many cases, back pain may be avoided. Here are some quick tips on how to prevent back pain.

  • When carrying groceries or other heavy items, separate out the bags so you're not carrying too many items at once. Taking one minute to make an extra trip to the car could help achy muscles and a sore back!
  • Exercise your abdominal and back muscles. Strengthening this area of your body helps support your back and spine, reducing your chances of pain and injury.
  • Stretch your back, especially before and after sports and other physical activities.
  • When lifting heavy objects, use the strength in your knees to pick up the item. Keep your abdominal muscles flexed and hold the item close to your body. Try to keep your back straight as you carry the item.
  • Ask for help from a friend when moving heavy furniture, or hire movers as they have the right tools and techniques for lifting large objects.
  • Wear a back brace during physical activity. Back braces help remind you to lift properly, and they provide compression and support for your lower back as you lift. (Try the DonJoy Back Brace for a great all-around lower back support.)
  • Use proper posture when sitting, standing and walking. The back has an easier time carrying your weight when it's straight.
  • Wear proper shoes with adequate support. Avoid wearing high heels whenever possible.
  • Eat healthy foods to maintain a good weight, and for nutrition.

These simple tips can help save your back from future pain! If you experience back pain or think you might have injured your back, check with your doctor for the best treatment for your injury.