Rotator cuff injuries can be very painful and prevent you from performing everyday activities. A few days ago we posted about how to prevent rotator cuff injuries, which recommended wearing shoulder braces. Shoulder braces provide compression to help prevent tears and offer stabilization for existing injuries. Here are some of our top shoulder braces for rotator cuff injuries:

  • DonJoy Sully Shoulder Support – Wear this brace during sports and activities for compressive support. Includes an anchor strap to keep the brace in place and to help prevent your shoulder from moving beyond its natural range of motion.
  • DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer – Designed to immobilize your shoulder after an injury or post surgery. Reduces your chance of re-injury by managing shoulder motion. You can control the range of motion and work your way back to full activity.
  • DonJoy UltraSling III Shoulder Brace – Allows your arm to be positioned in a variety of positions depending on what you need for recovery. It includes an easy-open front panel to encourage forearm exercises. (Also available is the UltraSling III AB, which provides a large, comfortable pillow to rest your arm on.)

Rotator cuff tears can cause extreme pain and loss of motion in the arm. Wearing shoulder braces for rotator cuff injuries can make all the difference in shoulder injury prevention and recovery, so check these out today!