DEFENDER Skin's innovative design and construction helps protect yourself from the bangs and bruises of hard hitting sports. But it's also used to defend against one of the most dreaded injuries that often gets underestimated. Football, Soccer, Field Hockey and Lacrosse players might be pretty familiar with this “minor nuance”.

With more and more artificial playing surfaces in the United States, turf burn has become a common injury across all levels. Although it's often not considered the most devastating or career threatening injury, it can be annoying, painful and potentially dangerous if not treated properly. Turf burn is caused by the friction between you and an artificial turf field. When you slide, dive or spill; the friction between you and the turf burns off a layer of skin leaving a stinging abrasion, which in some cases could lead to scaring.

[caption id="attachment_339" align="alignnone" width="957"]navorro-bowman-training-rope-turf San Francisco 49ers Linebacker NaVorro Bowman[/caption]

DonJoy Performance's DEFENDER Skin helps absorb and cushion impact from the turf, distributing energy horizontally throughout the protective foam pads, reducing effects on your body. San Francisco 49ers Linebacker NaVorro Bowman created a trend in the 49ers locker room last year by applying DEFENDER Skin for protection against turf burn. “I choose DEFENDER Skin for the turf games that we played in, to keep those burns away from my arm. It worked out. It definitely kept the burns off of me” said NaVorro Bowman.

DEFENDER Skin is customizable, allowing you to cut your desired size and shape and place it on areas where turf burn is most likely to occur such as the knees, elbows, forearms and shins. It's a uniquely engineered, breathable adhesive second skin designed to defend the body against cuts, scrapes, burns, pain and bruising often associated with the impact and abrasion of rigorous sports.