ACL Tear. The diagnosis every athlete fears and no athlete ever wants to hear. ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and it is one of the major ligaments responsible for providing stability to the knee. It connects the thigh bone to the calf bone, and prevents the lower bone from shifting forward.


Injuries to the ACL occur from either an impact collision usually a direct blow to the knee commonly seen in football, but most frequently occur from non-contact; usually planting and changing direction quickly. The athlete may feel or hear a loud pop and experiences extreme pain. We have already seen several NFL players go down this year with this season ending injury. If professional athletes with the best strength coaches, nutritionist, athletic trainers, and physicians are being taking out by this injury what does that mean for youth, high school, and recreational sports?


A complete tear of the ACL is a season ending injury which requires ACL reconstruction surgery to fully regain stability. Following the surgery the athlete can expect a lengthy rehabilitation to restore strength and mobility of the knee. Best case scenario, you can expect to return to play between 9-12 months after surgery.



Following surgery the athlete is placed in a knee immobilizer, the TROM Advance protects the joint and allows for protected range of motion as the knee is recovering. Once the athlete is cleared to begin functional training they are placed into a rigid ACL brace like the Donjoy Defiance. This brace is typically worn the 1st season back to play but may extend throughout their athletic career. Some athletes will chose a step-down brace their 2nd season back, like the FULLSTOP knee brace. The FULLSTOP is a soft-hinged knee brace with dual aluminum uprights and an ACL hinge. The Full-stop reduces the risk of ACL tear by preventing the knee from going into full knee extension. The FULLSTOP hinge features a dampening mechanism which increases the flexion angle of the knee.


  • Anti-migration to prevent sleeve movement
  • Compression and thermal heat regulation
  • Adjustable strapping for a personal fit
  • Aluminum hinge for MCL/LCL protection/support
  • Perforated Neoprene and Mesh for warmth and breathability


Learn more about FULLSTOP, the Ultimate In Hinged ACL Protection.