Treatment for Tennis Elbow – Pneumatic Armband

Are you an avid tennis player, but recently, began to experience some arm pain on and off the court? Do you have constant and worsening elbow pain that hurts a lot while you try to shake hands or lift objects with your wrist? You may be suffering from a bad case of tennis elbow, regardless of whether or not you play tennis.

Tennis elbow is a term that many use to refer to a problem caused by overusing the forearm and arm muscles. Overuse of these muscles can cause serious pain, predominantly in the elbow, but potentially extending to other parts of the elbow and arm. The reason for this pain lies in the muscles and tendons that connect to the bone within the elbow. Tendons in this area can tear or rupture, either all of a sudden or over time, which results in this condition commonly referred to as “tennis elbow.” Another name for this medical condition is “golfer’s elbow,” since golfing can occasionally result in the same injuries and pain, and it is referred to medically as “medial epicondylitis.” Usually, this affliction becomes present in a person’s dominant arm, but it is also known to occur in both arms or in the non-dominant arm.

Tennis elbow recovery varies depending on the circumstances of the patient, but it is often treated with braces and pain medications. Some braces that can help you recover from tennis elbow long and provide a lot of compression and coverage, while others are more compact and easier to train with. A brace or band compresses the afflicted muscle during rest or training, allowing it to heal without being re-damaged and alleviating bone and muscle pain.

One of our top tennis elbow bands is the Aircast Pneumatic Armband. The Pnuematic Armband is small and designed to be comfortable and versatile for the athlete in training. Training with tennis elbow is made very easy with the Armband, since it provides cushioning and compression to the afflicted muscle while conforming to the angles of the arm and elbow for extra comfort and movement. The armband delivers comfort, helps relieve pain, and doesn't inhibit the arm's range of motion or add excessive weight.

Designed with the athlete in mind, the Aircast Armband makes use of a single air-inflated cell, putting pressure only on the afflicted muscle and nowhere else on the arm. Its breathable material is comfortable and light, ensuring that athletes do not suffer discomfort while using the Armband to recover from tennis elbow. The Armband is small and portable, easy to take on and off the court or golf course by sticking it in a pocket, tennis bag or golf bag. The Armband is easy to put on and take off, since it only consists of one Velcro strap that is easy to apply and remove.