Ligament injuries are something every athlete wants to avoid as it is a serious injury that can take you out of the game for weeks or potentially the entire season. These injuries are avoidable; you can reduce your risk of a ligament injury by wearing a hinged knee brace.

There are Four ligaments in the knee that are responsible for providing stability. The medial/lateral collateral ligaments run parallel to the long (thigh/shin) bones on both sides of the knee and provide medial/lateral stability, the Anterior Cruciate ligament and Posterior Cruciate ligament are located in the center of the knee and provide Anterior/Posterior knee stability.


Ligament injuries can occur at anytime during athletics. They result from direct contact by opposing players, collisions, awkward falls to the ground and non-contact events like changing direction quickly while running. At the time of injury athletes will hear or feel a pop in the knee, feel their knee shift and give out, ultimately grasping their knee in pain. The athlete may experience bruising, swelling, pain, decreased range of motion and inability to bear weight.


Treatment will vary depending on the severity of the injury. 1st degree sprains typically heal within 1-2 weeks where as a 3rd degree sprains can keep you off the field for up to 6 weeks not to mention there are some cases that will require surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon will likely recommend either a knee immobilizer or a hinged knee brace to support the knee during the recovery, and suggest a brace for return to play competition. Standard RICE protocol also applies; Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.


A hinged knee brace can be worn to protect the joint from further injury and support it while healing. The Bionic Knee is a dual hinged knee brace that supports and protects the MCL/LCL from valgus/varus stress. That's the force that is applied on the outside and inside of the knee.


  • Bilateral polycentric hinges for MCL/LCL protection and support
  • Wrap around design offers increased comfort and easy on/off
  • Perforated Neoprene for maximum breathability
  • Top and bottom stretch webbing closure with TPR pull tabs delivers precision fit