Prevent Future Knee Dislocations with Tru-Pull Knee Braces

kneecap dislocation
By BetterBraces Experts

Learn About the What Makes Tru-Pull the Best Knee Brace for Dislocations

A dislocated kneecap is very painful. A dislocated knee can be even worse. A dislocated kneecap or patella dislocation, happens when the kneecap comes off its groove at the end of the thigh bone. A knee dislocation occurs when the thigh bone and shin bone lose contact.

Dislocation of the Kneecap or Patella

Dislocating your patella for the first time is a serious injury. Unfortunately, dislocating your patella again can happen easily, though it may not be as painful. What happens when you dislocate your knee is that the patella, shaped like a triangle, comes off its groove. It is designed to only move vertically and rests on the side of the leg. You might dislocate your patella if your knee is twisted during a forceful impact. Deformity of the leg can be observed instantly. Ligaments holding the patella in place are usually torn the first time.

Dislocations of the Knee

Knee dislocations often happen during traumatic experiences such as car accidents, sports injuries and severe falls. The knee ligaments are usually ruptured during a dislocation. Damage to the surrounding nerve and vascular structures are of the utmost concern. Vascular injuries can jeopardize the health of the leg and lead to the obligation of emergency vascular surgery. Cartilage and meniscus damage can also occur during a knee dislocation.

A dislocated knee will need to be reset after the professional care giver assesses which of the four important knee ligaments have been torn. If your ligaments have been torn along with your dislocation, you may need to have surgery depending on the severity of the tear.

See a doctor immediately if you think you have dislocated your knee or kneecap. Do not try to reset the knee or patella yourself.

Dislocated Knee or Kneecap Treatment

To prevent the knee or kneecap from dislocating again and further damaging cartilage and ligaments using a knee brace.

The Tru-Pull Lite knee dislocation brace was designed to keep the patella in its proper alignment in the groove and reduce the pain from damaged ligaments during dislocation..

This brace is designed with pull straps above and below the patella to prevent it from dislocating again, while applying a constant corrective force on it.

For Full Knee Support

For those who need full knee support, try the DonJoy Tru-Pull Advanced System knee dislocation brace. This knee brace is useful for dislocations as it was intended to place a dynamic pull on the patella during extension to prevent derailment.

The Tru-Pull Advanced System includes straps that have an elastic effect around the patella for greater control during extension. The adjustable buttress gives you the leverage you need adding greater versatility.

The Tru-Pull Advanced System brace is ideal for athletes and highly active people. It can play a major role in dislocated kneecap treatment as it protects the patella and knee from further damage, helping the ligaments and damaged cartilage to heal properly, and reducing the risk of a further dislocation before the knee has healed completely.

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