Medium Knee Braces

Finding a knee brace that fits your knee is a very important part of selecting a knee brace. Knee braces come in a variety of sizes, because people come in all shapes and sizes, too. A person's knee brace size changes depending on the circumference of the leg, the length of the thigh, and the length of the calf. Different models of knee supports may also require different sizing - for some you may need a tighter fit and others you may need a slightly looser fit. Without a correctly-sized knee brace, it's possible that the knee brace won't offer you the full potential of its protection.

If you're of an average build, you'll most likely fit in a medium knee brace. The great thing about that is that medium knee braces are available on almost every model of knee braces we have - from leading brands such as DonJoy, DonJoy Performance and ProCare. You can select from medium knee braces of varying materials and styles - from standard knee braces to knee straps to patella stabilizers.

Medium knee braces help protect and support patients for a variety of conditions. They are worn by people with knee arthritis, chondromalacia, and patella tracking issues, just to name a few. Medium knee braces may also be great for sports. Physical activity can strain the knee joint, and wearing the proper knee support can help reduce the stress on the structures of the knee.

Use the size chart on each of our product pages to determine if a medium knee brace is right for you. Most of our braces are available in medium as it is one of the most common sizes. Make sure to measure correctly so that you can get the right sized brace for your knee. If you run into any questions, call our bracing experts who will be able to walk you through the process, especially if you find yourself in between sizes.

We have a wide selection of many different types of medium knee braces for a variety of conditions and sports. Check out our full selection of knee braces to find the one that fits your needs.

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