XL Knee Braces

When wearing a knee brace, it's important to find one that fits your leg. A knee brace that doesn't fit properly also doesn't protect properly. In some cases, a knee brace may be too tight, which leads to discomfort or even chaffing of the skin. One of the common sizes is extra large. That's why we carry XL knee braces from leading brands, DonJoy, DonJoy Performance and ProCare, to make sure you can find knee braces that not only protect your knees, but are also comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

Our XL knee braces are ideal for a variety of conditions and injuries. We have XL knee braces that help protect against ACL tears, meniscus tears and other knee ligament and cartilage issues. There are some that provide extra support and compression, which are great for patella tracking issues, knee arthritis or tendonitis. Regardless of which condition or ailment you are dealing with, we have XL knee braces that will fit you perfectly.

XL knee braces are also great for sports, such as running, skiing, basketball, football, soccer and other physical activities. In combination with proper training, stretching, equipment and coaching, an XL knee brace may be a key factor in helping prevent sports injuries

Use the size chart on each of our product pages to get the proper measurement of your leg so you can determine if an XL knee brace is right for you. As mentioned above, it's important to find a knee brace that fits correctly. If you need help with sizing, measuring or are between sizes, contact our bracing experts to help you walk through the process.

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We have a wide selection of XL knee braces for a variety of conditions and sports, so check out our full selection of knee braces today.